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Over 80 dogs are saved from the menu as South Korean canine meat market closes

Dogs given reprieve as meat market closes in South Korea dog-wow
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A substantial step to end the abysmal dog meat trade in Asia, where both stolen and stray dogs are cruelly beaten and slaughtered for their meat, is scheduled.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 07/07/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

One of the largest dog meat market suppliers in South Korea, at Gupo Livestock Market, reaches an agreement with 19 meat selling stores to cease trading. The dogs are sold exclusively for food purposes.

End of an era at dog meat market

The closures of the meat selling stores at the Gupo Dog Meat Market during July, are the results of negotiations between the market vendors and local authorities. The outcome will mean that it not only brings the deplorable dog meat trade in the area to an end, but as the area is planned for regeneration, many new businesses and amenities will help the local economy.

Immediate closure is planned

The closure is tentatively planned to take place before 12th July, just before the Boknal festival is due to take place. During this “celebration”, around 1.5 million dogs are tortured, burned alive, electrocuted and slaughtered in South Korea. The dogs can take between 5 to 20 minutes to die. Their butchered meat is used to make soup called bosintang, which is a delicacy on many menus. Thankfully, as younger generations chose not to eat canine meat, the merciless dog meat supply is reducing in popularity.

A new life for many reprieved dogs

Many dogs that were scheduled for immediate slaughter have been removed from the stores and taken to vets’ surgeries for examination and treatment. HSI Global and other local charity groups will offer further care for the dogs, together with routine vaccinations. Following the necessary quarantine periods in Korea, the rescued dogs will travel to the United States and Canada for rehoming.

Although there have been many unsuccessful attempts to shut down other meat markets in South Korea, the closure of the Gupo Livestock Market will mark the first complete shutdown with an end to this horrific dog slaughter.


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