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Italian town reduces animal anxieties by switching to silent fireworks

Animal anxieties redcued by switching to silent fireworks dog-cat-happy
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Fireworks are amazing, but the noise they make can frighten pets and wildlife. One Italian town has introduced new legislation as a solution, by insisting on only silent fireworks in its displays.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 07/07/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

Many pets and other animals are stressed by fireworks

Many dog owners actually stay well away from celebrations that include fireworks as they understand how their pets will react to the loud noises. Many dogs become stressed and alarmed when they hear any firework sounds and of course, their owners won’t leave them at home alone during any displays, preferring to stay and comfort their pets.

Many dogs are frightened by noisy fireworks©Pixabay

Most animals have much more sensitive hearing than humans and these strong explosions can cause several medical issues. Some severe conditions like heart problems, body tremors, and nausea can all result because of firework explosions.

Town introduces silent fireworks for displays

Collecchio, an Italian town in the province of Parma, has introduced a solution to this firework problem by stating legislation that insists on silent fireworks for all its displays. Setti Fireworks, an Italian company, specialise in manufacturing customised fireworks that are actually silent. These fireworks still retain the impressive visual displays and stunning colours, but without the traditional, explosive sounds.

Fireworks can affect birds and wildlife too

It’s a well-known fact that dogs and cats can become scared and panic when they hear the loud explosive sounds made by fireworks, or thunder, but these reactions have also been observed among wildlife too. Reports of dead birds following firework displays only strengthens the need to reduce the noise levels in order to prevent these tragic consequences.


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Humans can benefit from silent fireworks

There are many other advantages when using silent fireworks, not only for our pets. Elderly people and children with sensitive hearing or who dislike loud noises will benefit. Firework displays can be scheduled for later in the evening, when a standard display would disturb others. Collecchio is certainly leading by example towards a solution for noisy firework displays.


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