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Dog barks incessantly, his family makes a SHOCKING discovery behind front door

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The events took place in Coral Springs, Florida. At around 3:30 AM, the family dog, Freckles, began to bark frantically. And thanks to his warning, he saved his mum from a terrible danger!

By Justine Seraphin , 6 Jul 2019

George Woods was fast asleep when he heard Freckles barking on the ground floor of his Florida house. He could hear his pet was nervous, and decided to head downstairs to see what all the fuss was about…

An uninvited guest

At first, he couldn’t see anything and wondered if his dog was just bonkers. But when he turned on the porch light, that’s when he saw it: a HUGE 7ft alligator lying right behind the door!

George immediately got in touch with a professional team who were able to come to his property and catch the feisty animal.

Coral Springs, though a residential area, is only a couple hours’ walk from the Everglades, a known alligator habitat. It’s therefore no surprise that ‘gators’ are sometimes seen in the neighbourhood. In fact, residents are used to seeing alligators swimming in the nearby canal, but they NEVER see alligators hanging out on their porches, and certainly not giant ones like this!

Man’s best friend always has your back

Thankfully, Freckles was there to issue a warning, and it’s a good thing he did: George’s wife was supposed to head out to work less than an hour later. Who knows what might’ve happened if she’d stumbled upon the reptile in the middle of the night...

When asked who the true hero in this story was, George Woods said, with no hint of hesitation: “Freckles. Easy. Freckles.”

And we definitely agree! Well done, boy!