Owner tries to blame neighbour for animal abuse, but Police discover the truth

Shadow is set to make a full recovery dog-angry © Celestial Zoo - Facebook

A 19-year-old woman from Utah, USA, is facing animal torture charges after she used a hair tie to clamp her dog's mouth shut. Apparently, the puppy was barking and whining too much for her liking.

By Ashley Murphy

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The woman was arrested and charged last Tuesday after a local animal rescue service saw pictures she'd posted online. The cruel owner was trying to give the dog away after she realised she couldn't be bothered to provide the care it needed.

Staff from Celestial Zoo collected the pup, a black Labrador-mix named Shadow, and took it straight to an animal hospital.

Vets spot signs of abuse

Following a thorough medical examination, vets concluded that Shadow had suffered weeks of physical abuse. They contacted the authorities, who quickly traced the former owner.

She denied the charges at first and even tried to blame her next door neighbour for the horrific abuse.

But after further questioning, Shadow's former owner admitted to tieing a plastic hair band around the dog's muzzle When asked why she would even consider such an idea, she said the dog was barking and whining too much!

She claimed the tie was around the dog's muzzle for no more than 48hours.  However, after examining the extent of the injuries, experts believe it had been there for as long as two weeks.

Shadow now requires reconstructive surgery,  which is scheduled for the end of this month. Vets think the pooch will need about two weeks to recover from the op, during which time he'll be on a strict regime of soft food and no chewy toys or doggy treats.

Shadow is being well looked after

In the meantime, Shadow is in the care of a loving foster family.  Once he's back up on his paws, the team at Celestial Zoo will do everything they can to find this pup a perfect forever home.

Because after everything he's been through,it's exactly what Shadow deserves!


Shadow has her surgery scheduled! She will have her surgery at Blue Pearl where they will repair the damage to her...

Posted by Celestial Zoo on Friday, June 21, 2019
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