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Miraculous dog survives on seaweed for 45 days after cliff fall

Shadow the dog after rescue from foot of cliff dog-wow
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During a May walk with his owners, Shadow slipped his harness and plummeted over the edge of a 547 foot cliff between Golden Cap and Epye cliffs in Dorset. Lucky not to have been killed in the fall, the 18-month-old dog was badly injured. Shadow the Shar Pei now has a long road to recovery.

By Nick Whittle , 4 Jul 2019

Shadow’s owners, Mr and Mrs Whiting, began to look for him. They even drafted in friends, family and the local Coastguard team in an attempt to find their beloved dog.


Cuddles with mummy

Posted by Amber Whiting on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

After several days of searching, the whereabouts of the dog remained a mystery. The only solace for the Whitings was the fact that no one had reported their sighting of a body.

In July, holidaymakers eventually stumbled on Shadow. The dog was by then extremely emaciated and clearly in a great deal of pain. He was taken to a local RSPCA centre and looked after until the Whitings were contacted.


Meeting Shadow again after a month and a half, the Whitings told the Independent that they barely recognised him. He had lost around half of his body weight and was scarred from head to toe. Despite a confirmation of ownership via Shadow's microchip the couple were still doubtful that it was their dog.

When my husband first saw him he didn’t think it was him, despite the microchip details, as he looked so different,Mrs Whiting said.

He seems to have survived by eating anything he could.”

Shadow has since had surgery to remove sticks and stones that he had eaten in an attempt to survive. He also swallowed a large quantity of seaweed, according to reports.

Despite her being shocked by the dog’s appearance Whiting was overjoyed to be reunited with Shadow.

I’ve not stopped crying since he returned, I can’t believe he’s back with us,” she told reporters.

I cried myself sick thinking about him lost and alone without his snuggle blanket, or worrying about what might have happened to him.

I explained to the boys that what he’d been through would have been painful and awful for him and that he may not be the same dog he once was to make sure they understood he needed time and space to get better.”


????DOG MIRACULOUSLY SURVIVES ON SEAWEED FOR 45 DAYS AFTER FALLING OFF CLIFF <> Shadow underwent surgery to remove items...

Posted by Betty Uriegas on Monday, July 1, 2019