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Cat raises the alarm, what his owner finds shocks everyone

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© Firefighters Klevem - Facebook

When he noticed his cat was acting strange and staring incessantly at the fridge, a cat owner from Germany decided to investigate the matter more closely. And he made a rather unusual (and slightly scary) discovery.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 04/07/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

It was getting late in the small, sleepy city of Kleve on the German-Dutch border. Not much happens in this quiet, leafy community and one cat owner was ready to go to bed after another long day.

Kitty raises the alarm

But before he retired for the night, he noticed that his cat, a little Ginger Tom, was acting a little strange.

Being nocturnal creatures, cats tend to become more active after dark. So the man puts it down to the usual kitty hijinks.

He tries his best to calm the cat, but his furry friend is definitely spooked. What's more, it won't stop staring at underneath the fridge; it's as if something is lurking inside the darkness!

He pulls out the fridge, expecting to see a dead mouse, or, at worst, a rat.

But what he finds would send a shiver down anybody's spine. This was no dead rodent. This was a fully grown orange snake!

He immediately telephoned the emergency services who arrived on the scene just a few minutes later. Firefighters contained the snake and then transported it to a local (and very secure) animal rescue centre.

A vet later confirmed it was a  North American Corn Snake, a non-poisonous constrictor. Corn Snakes are docile by nature and pose no threats to humans or cats.

A scary, but harmless encounter

In fact, Corn Snakes have something in common with our kitties. Farmers once used Corn Snakes as a form of pest control. They hunted mice and rats that loved to feed off harvested corn.

We don't know where the snake came from or where it's going next. But we can certainly say that this guy and his cat won't forget their unusual encounter for a very long time!