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The case of the disappearing dogs - police investigate professional dog sitter

Professional dog sitter quizzed by police over missing dogs dog-angry
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It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare! You place your pooch in the care of the local dog walker, only to discover that your beloved pet has gone missing, never to be seen again.

By Dawn Parrish , 3 Jul 2019

Police in Tamworth are currently investigating a professional pet sitter who has apparently “lost” several dogs in her care. Reports state that between 5 and 9 dogs ran off whilst out for their routine dog walk on Sunday, in the Hopwas Woods area of the town.

Were the dogs spooked during their walk?

The professional dog sitter has told the distressed owners that the dogs were probably spooked by gunshot sounds as she walked them through the woods on Sunday, June 23rd. The dogs were alarmed and bolted away from her side. The missing dogs, including a French Bulldog, a Jack Russell and three Pug dogs, haven’t been seen since they ran off.

Were the missing dogs spooked in the woods

Missing dogs’ owners are distraught

West Midlands Police have opened an enquiry and are investigating claims surrounding the professional dog walker. The worried owners of the missing dogs are frantically appealing for information, with posts on social media, in the hope that someone, somewhere, will be able to help with information. Substantial rewards have been offered to help locate the missing pets.

All of the missing dogs were microchipped, which, in normal circumstances, should make it relatively easy to relocate them with their genuine owners.

While the local police carry out their investigations into the case surrounding the disappearance of the dogs, if anyone has further information, they are asked to contact West Midlands Police by calling 101 at anytime, or via Live Chat between 8am to midnight, quoting reference numbers 1100 and 1106 of 26 June 2019.

We hope that the missing dogs are found and reunited with their worried owners very soon!