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Caught red-handed: shocking video shows woman abandoning puppy

Zeno now has a happy home dog-angry
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CCTV footage caught a heart-breaking scene. At first, it seems the woman is only picking up her puppy. But reality kicks in when you realise she is actually dumping the poor animal on the side of the road.

By Ashley Murphy , 3 Jul 2019

On June 17, at 16.27pm, a silver people carrier pulled up by the side of the road in the small province of Salerno in southwestern Italy.

Shocking video footage

The unidentified woman gets out of the car, picks up the puppy, and dumps him on the street. She then runs back into the vehicle before it speeds away, leaving the confused looking pup all alone on the side of the road.

Due to the blurry footage, animal welfare officers are struggling to locate the couple, but an investigation is ongoing.


+++MASSIMA CONDIVISIONE+++ Cane abbandonato a Roccapiemonte (Sa) via San Pasquale ore 16:27 del 17/06/2019

Posted by L'Occhio di Salerno on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thankfully, the puppy wasn't alone for too long. A good Samaritan spotted the poor pooch and just knew he had to help.

He managed to coax the dog into his car, then transported the four-month-old German Shepherd to a nearby animal rescue centre.

Staff from the Paws to the Heart Onlus animal service gave the pup a quick once over and were pleased to see he was in good physical condition.

But they still couldn't believe how anybody could've abandoned such a cute and friendly puppy.

They christened the pooch Zeno and posted his story across social media.

And with a face that takes cuteness to a whole new level, they knew it wouldn't be very long before someone else fell in love with Zeno.

That special someone was Sara, a local dog lover form Sabaudia.

The life that every dog deserves

It was love at first sight for Sara, and Zeno is now settling into his perfect forever home.

By all reports, Zeno is showing no signs of trauma from the abandonment and is looking forward to enjoying the kind of life that every dog deserves.