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Sad passing leaves Hollywood dog-loving couple heartbroken

the couple are known for fostering pitbulls dog-sad
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Hollywood legend Patrick Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell, are mourning the loss of their most recent foster dog, a ten-year-old pitbull named Lenny.

By Ashley Murphy , 3 Jul 2019

The dog-loving couple is famous among the animal welfare community. Patrick and Sunny have a long history of fostering pooches in need before helping them find their perfect forever home.

Lenny catches a cough

But Lenny had only been with the couple for a few days before he fell sick. At first, it looked like a simple case of kennel cough, but after a thorough examination by the vet,Lenny was admitted into the doggy hospital.

Sunny Ozell kept concerned well-wishers updated via social media. She posted:

“Our sweet senior foster gentleman Leonard is in hospital, getting IV fluids and all the things he needs to support him through his illness…which we haven’t quite figured out yet."

Lenny received tonnes of messages from the couple followers, while Patrick and Sunny kept their fingers crossed.


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But sadly the vet came back with some bad news; it wasn't just kennel cough. Poor Lenny had pneumonia. The medical team did everything they could, but Lenny's condition only got worse:

“His condition worsened, and he was transferred to what is essentially a doggie intensive care unit,” posted Sunny. “There were signs of bowel obstruction, a heart murmur, and his blood pressure was haywire. In short, he was undergoing multi-system failure.”

Heartbreaking news

So after spending only five days with the sweet dog, his foster parents followed the vet's advice, and  Lenny went to sleep for the very last time. Sunny posted:

“It breaks my heart to have to share this news—we eased our sweet boy Lenny over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. There’s a reason folks use this euphemism…I didn’t ‘put him down’. I lifted him up out of his pain, I let him go, and I’ll hold his sweet spirit in my heart.”

Lenny had a rough start in life, and his story has a sad ending. However, at least he spent the last few days of his life knowing he was loved.


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