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Woman's heart literally BREAKS after her Yorkshire Terrier dies

Woman's heart literally breaks when dog dies
© Anna Nesterova - Unsplash

When Joanie's 9-year-old Yorkie passed away due to congestive heart failure, she thought she was having chest pains - but it turns out her heart was literally broken.

By Alice Lang , 4 Jul 2019

Joanie Simpson was the proud dog Mum of Meha, a 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. The pair were the ultimate best friends.

Over the rainbow bridge

Joanie was already dealing with a lot. She had an upcoming back surgery, her son-in-law had just been made redundant and she was about to sell her home.

And to top off the stress, the unimaginable happened. Due to congestive heart failure, her adorable Yorkshire Terrier passed away.

Soon after, Joanie began to notice dull pains in her chest which gradually worsened. She thought she was having a heart attack - and within an hour, was being airlifted to a Houston hospital.

Joanie is suffering from a broken heart

After being seen to by a heart specialist, the issue was confirmed. Joanie had takotsubo cardiomyopathy - more often known as broken heart syndrome - which mimics the symptoms of heart attacks.

The rare condition has often been linked to periods of trauma in postmenopausal women - but in Joanie’s case, it was all down to the loss of her beloved pet, Meha.

According to The Washington Post, Joanie saw Meha like a daughter.

“The kids were grown and out of the house, so she was our little girl,” she explained. “I was close to inconsolable. I really took it really, really hard.”

Joanie, a retired medical transcript worker, now understands just how strong her bond with Meha was.

Pets are family and it’s always tough to see them go over the rainbow bridge - we wish all the love in the world to Joanie.