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Cat DITCHES owner to spend time at the pub!

Wilbur the King of Ruddington spends hit time at the pub cat-happy
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The King of Ruddington - AKA Wilbur the ginger cat - spends most of his time at his two favourite pubs rather than at his owner's house! Soon celebrating his 10th birthday, Wilbur's guest list is getting longer and longer by the day...

By Alice Lang

Published on the 02/07/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

Cat-loving Cathy Applebee is the proud owner of Wilbur, a lovely ginger cat - but she doesn’t actually get to see him much nowadays.

Wilbur spends most of his time at the pub

A few years ago, Cathy took in two rescue kittens - and let’s just say that Wilbur wasn’t a fan.

According to The Guardian, Ms Applebee told the Press Association: “He comes home but he doesn't stay in the home because he doesn't like the kittens.”

Instead, bold and friendly Wilbur spends his time in local shops and businesses around the Ruddington village - namely, the local pubs. Pint, lads?!


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“He'll just take himself in to any shop, anywhere,” she said. “There was one time when the doctor's receptionist came back and he was sitting on her chair."


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“When there was a gym in the village he'd go and someone sent me a picture of him on the equipment in the gym.”

He’s become somewhat of a local celeb - and now, even has his own social media accounts so that locals, and his very own owner, can keep up with his whereabouts.

“The fact that the community's embraced him in such a lovely way because he is such a character, is lovely because it means, especially now he's got his Facebook page, I can see what he's up to.”

And now he’s having his very own purr-ty

Villagers have decided to throw Wilbur his very own 10th birthday party, which will also raise money for local charities.Over 100 people have registered an interest in the event, but organiser Sarah Godfrey isn’t sure how many will actually turn up.


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“I think people just love how weird it is,” she said. “It could be a couple of hundred – it could be 10, but I doubt it. I think it will be really weird in a good way.”

When asked if she was upset about Wilmur’s rare appearances at home, Cathy Applebee said: “I was really sad because I love him so much,” she said. “But ultimately he's his own character and his own mind and as long as I know he's OK, and he's being fed...”


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She added: “Obviously I still really care about him but a cat's a cat. He's always been a roamer.”


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Check out some of Wilbur's adorable birthday cards below... he is definitely one loved cat!


I’m so happy

Posted by Wilbur - King of Ruddington on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

I love this drawing

Posted by Wilbur - King of Ruddington on Wednesday, June 26, 2019