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After 500 days in Telford kennels two dog pals need loving home

Two crossbreed Romanian dogs dog-sad
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Two dogs brought over from a Romanian “kill shelter” are looking for a kind, compassionate and patient owner. They have been waiting for over a year, and are ready to become someone's special companions.

By Nick Whittle , 2 Jul 2019

Canine pals Teddy and Labus were brought over to the UK in February of last year. Since then their bond has only strengthened. But the shelter staff who have looked after them believe the time has come for the dogs to take on a brave new world.

Hilbrae Rescue Kennels in Cold Hatton, Telford has been looking after the duo since they arrived.

Toni Molloy who works at the kennels told the Shropshire Star: “We desperately want our boys to find a home together. They are larger breed dogs.

“They were picked up as a pair of street dogs in a town called Fagaras in Romania. They where then put in a kill shelter which, when it gets full, they euthanise current dogs staying there to make way for new ones.

“Our boys were then sponsored to be kept alive by donations, but it took a year of being in kennels before Teddy and Labus made it to our rescue centre in the UK."

Kill shelter

The dogs were found as strays in Romania and taken to one of the many animal shelters around the country. Both had received injuries from either maltreatment or fights. The shelter to where they were brought euthanizes dogs when the number of housed animals becomes too great.

Just in time, the inseparable crossbreeds were brought to the UK to be re-homed.

In a previous news story we reported a rise in dangerous foreign diseases brought over with dogs from countries such as Romania.Currently there are no restrictions in place to screen incoming dogs brought to the UK from shelters across Europe. The Government, however, is considering introducing new laws to govern this.

If you wish to know more about the health and temperament of Teddy and Labus you are urged to contact the shelter via its website.