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Paralysed dog "walks" again (with a little help)

Lazarus the dog in his "Ferrari" dog-happy
© L'Oasi Del Randagio - Facebook

The lengths gone to by an animal charity in Italy to help a paralysed dog to walk again proves that our want to help sick and injured animals knows no bounds.

By Nick Whittle , 1 Jul 2019

Angelo and Alfia Scuderi, owners of a non-profit animal charity in Mascali, Sicily have spent months devising a walking frame to allow an abandoned dog to walk again.

L'Oasi del Randagio or the Oasis of the Stray discovered a young dog they called Lazarus in a bin bag at the foot of a cliff. Incredibly the dog was alive but he had lost the use of his legs, was covered in sores and riddled with infection.

The Scuderis devoted their time to nursing Lazarus back to health. Despite his injuries and the treatment he had received from his previous owners, the dog remained affectionate and well-tempered.


Buongiorno da Lazzaro e Alfia. Oggi primi giorno d’estate. Benvenuta estate!

Posted by L'Oasi Del Randagio on Friday, June 21, 2019

L'Oasi del Randagio

The Oasis of the Stray was founded by Mr and Mrs Scuderi as a sanctuary for dogs abandoned on the island of Sicily. The ethos of the charity is summed up in the Scuderis’ online introduction to their work:

We firmly believe that this work can improve the world. The love that every single rescued puppy shows repays us every day for our efforts. But despite this we also need your help.”

Lazarus’s Ferrari

The self-proclaimed “Ferrari” that the Scuderis and their friends have been working on is purely for the benefit of Lazarus. His back legs are paralysed and the frame is designed to support the weight of his hind quarters thus enabling him to walk.

Regular updates of the progress of the Ferrari can be seen on Facebook. Last Friday, (28/6/19) L'Oasi del Randagio wrote, “Good morning from Lazarus. Can't wait to get on his Ferrari!


La Ferrari di Lazzaro è stata leggermente modificata. Grazie Francesco! Sempre disponibile.

Posted by L'Oasi Del Randagio on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The plight of Lazarus is just one of thousands suffered by dogs abandoned and maltreated by owners. Check out the story of Lazarus in this moving video.