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Teen shares amazing rescue story, and it's all thanks to a new dog collar

assistance dogs are becoming more popular dog-wow
© Alan Paul - Facebook

A set of specially designed dog collars are helping protect elderly pooch owners living with dementia. This is what Alan Paul, 18, found out just a few days ago when he spotted a confused looking woman walking her dog.

By Ashley Murphy , 30 Jun 2019

Concerned for their welfare, Alan decided to offer some help.

A helpful message

However, the lady seemed to become even more disorientated and began asking for directions to Greenock, which was hundreds of miles away.

Thankfully, sharp-eyed Alan noticed that her pet dog was wearing a slightly unusual collar.

Printed on the collar were the words, "I’m walking with my dementia friend", the lady's home address, and an emergency contact telephone number.

Alan posted the story on his Facebook page:

"She was clearly confused and disoriented. She asked for directions to Viewpark."

"I walked her down to the bottom of Viewpark but on the way she was asking how to get to Greenock."

"The collar read the address and name of the woman. It also read 'I’m walking with my dementia friend'. (I have blurred out personal details), it also had a phone number and a buzzer that read “S.O.S”. Thankfully I noticed this."

Alan called the number and found himself talking to the woman's daughter. She then gave directions back to the property.

Alan was inspired to help the woman by his personal experience with dementia. His grandmother was diagnosed with the condition a few years ago.

Dogs do amazing things

He decided to share the story to help raise awareness of the disease, as well as letting more people know about the amazing new dog collars.

Assistance dogs are often used to help people living with dementia and Alzheimers. The trained pooches can open doors, fetch medication pouches, and offer some much needed emotional support for people struggling with the conditions.

For more information on these incredible pooches, visit the Dementia Dog Project.