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Pop star "rescues" dog, but it turns out it's something very different

turns out the dog was a bear dog-wow
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Have you ever looked at your beloved dog and thought, “you know what, that looks a bit like a bear?” No? I thought not. But one Malaysian pop star isn't quite as perceptive as you...

By Ashley Murphy , 30 Jun 2019

Zarith Sofia Yasin is a Malaysian pop sensation who shot to fame on the reality show Rockanova.

Officers respond to "routine" call

But earlier this month, officials from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks knocked on the star's door after a tip-off from a concerned neighbour.

The neighbour claimed they'd heard an unusual "wailing" sound.

Animal welfare offices were probably expecting another routine call and were perhaps a little bit star-struck at the prospect of meeting one on the country's most famous faces.

However, any fanboy behaviour soon turned to shock when they discovered the source of the strange noise - a wild brown bear named “Bruno.”

Officers arrested Yasin on suspicion of keeping an endangered animal, and the matter is still under investigation.

However, two days after the incident, the singer gave an interview to a Malaysian newspaper, where she "explained" how she'd come into possession of the bear. Speaking to The Star, she said:

"It was night time when I found the bear cub in a weakened state by the side of the road, and I thought it was a dog!"

"I know the bear cannot be reared, it can't be kept as a pet. I only wanted to save the bear, I had no intention of exploiting it."

Are you buying this star's story?

Experts believe the bear is around  6-7 months old and he's currently residing in slightly more suitable conditions, a local animal rescue centre. It' not yet been decided if "Bruno" will be returned to the wild.

As for Yasin, she's sticking by her story. I'll leave it up to you to decide if you believe her or not!