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Puppy DUMPED with armchair thought his owner would return

Puppy dumped with TV and armchair thought his owner would come back
© Sharon Norton - Facebook

Dumped with as much care as the tatty armchair and a shattered TV that accompanied him, this skin-and-bones puppy was certain his owner would come back for him.

By Alice Lang , 30 Jun 2019

Fly tipping your home furnishings is certainly nothing to be proud of. But dumping an innocent puppy in the middle of nowhere, too? Well, that’s the ultimate act of betrayal.

Clinging onto hope

When animal control officer, Sharon Norton, was made aware of a skinny-looking puppy alone on a Mississippi road, she drove over straight away.

But what she arrived to was truly heartbreaking. The small pooch was clinging onto the dumped armchair for dear life - unaware that he’d actually been discarded, too.


Big Shout Out to ACO Sharon Norton for rescuing this little guy. He is now in our custody and at the vet. We will update...

Posted by Brookhaven Animal Rescue League on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

As loyal as we know dogs are, the pup seemed certain that his owner would return - despite appearing starving, skinny and in dreadful physical condition.

"He looks like he's been there for about a week," Sharon Norton said to The Dodo. "He is skin and bones."

A chance of a better life

Armed with food and treats, Sharon approached the pup, who was happy to have a munch of them. Thankfully, he quickly warmed to her and seemed at ease.

"He was very happy when I picked him up and carried him to the animal control truck," she said. "I could feel his tail hitting my back, wagging. He knows he's safe now."

Animal-loving Sharon vaccinated and dewormed the adorable pup, who is now living safely at local shelter, Brookhaven Animal Rescue League. He’s been lovingly nicknamed ‘armchair bandit’ and will soon be available for adoption.

"I'm hoping somebody that recognizes the puppy and the recliner will put two and two together and send me a message to help me find the person that did this," she said.

While we’re sure the loyal puppy will never forget being abandoned, we’re confident that he’ll now find a far more loving, caring and dedicated family to spend the rest of his life with - just like he deserves.