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Hero dogs save their owner from a vicious attack

Hero dogs save robbery victim from assailants attack
© Black Blassam - Youtube

Dogs are known as man’s best friend – but how many will endanger their own lives to protect and save their master? These heroic dogs guarded their owner, the victim of a horrific mugging.

By Dawn Parrish , 29 Jun 2019

Just an everyday, normal day

An Argentinian man was going about his daily business, unloading his possessions from the rear of his vehicle, which was parked just outside his home. His two Boxer dogs were sitting happily inside the car, watching their master intently from the back seat. What happened next was caught on CCTV camera, and it certainly proves that every man needs a good dog watching out for him at all times.

Robbers approach the man from behind

The footage from the CCTV camera shows two assailants approaching the man’s car, one from the side and one from behind. They walk up to the man suspiciously and it's quite obvious that they are planning to mug him and steal the contents of his vehicle. As one of the robbers places the man in a strong neck hold, grabbing him from behind, the other approaches the car.

Hero dogs come to his rescue

As they notice their owner being attacked, both Boxer dogs leap from the back seat of the car, and jump onto the robbers. This surprise attack makes them release their hold on the victim and they run speedily from the scene. The courageous dogs give chase down the street, barking at the attackers as they run.

Their owner seems to be rather confused and not sure about what has just happened but thank goodness he appears to be uninjured after the appalling attack.

The two Boxer dogs were returned to their owner and have suffered no lasting consequences. One thing is certain, they both make fantastic guard dogs.