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Scotland dog rescue charity is urgently seeking foster homes

Dog rescue charity seeks foster homes in Scotland dog-wow
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Can you help to save a dog’s life? A dog’s charity is searching for new foster homes to provide a dog with a temporary, safe refuge until he can be rehomed with a permanent, adoptive family.

By Dawn Parrish , 28 Jun 2019

Network of volunteer, dedicated foster homes

Not just in the Scottish regions of Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians, but throughout the UK, animal rescue centres rely on a large network of foster homes and in fact, many dogs would be put to sleep without them. More volunteer dog foster carers are needed, as there are always dogs in need.

Fostering a dog can be a memorable and gratifying experience

Caring for a dog in your own home, even if only on a temporary basis, can bring many unexpected rewards and pleasant surprises. Fostering enriches the lives of both the people and dogs involved.

Offering a deserving dog a foster home certainly increases his chances of being adopted by a permanent owner. Your care, skills and abilities can transform the dog in your home into a canine that many people would love to own.

Dog rescue charity seeking foster homes in Scotland

The non-profit organisation, Any Dog’il Do Rescue, are currently looking for homes where they can place rescued dogs. They ask that any calm, caring and enthusiastic volunteers get in touch with them. Of course, you will be asked several questions to ensure you meet the criteria, but there are few restrictions.

You don’t need to have a garden, and you can offer a dog a foster home even if you live in a flat. They recommend that children over 6 years of age are more suited and its fine if you have other pets too. The charity also suggests that its best if you don’t leave the dog alone at home for more than 4 hours each day.

Foster carers receive continuing support

When you take a rescue dog home with you, the Any Dog’il Do Rescue charity provide ongoing support. Their coordinators will give advice on socialising your foster dog and you will receive expenses to cover costs of food, essentials and in some cases, vet’s care. Before the dog comes to live with you, he or she will be neutered, given up to date vaccinations and a course of worming and flea treatments.

If you can offer a dog a foster home in Scotland, please contact the Any Dog’il Do Rescue charity organisation for further details. It’s so rewarding to know that you’ve helped a dog who might otherwise suffer. You will not only get to see the dog’s unique personality and character, but also see him rehomed to a permanent family.


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