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Dog or cat? What you can see says something about you

Rorschach test with dog cat option dog-cat-happy
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How do you feel today? What are your life-time ambitions? What makes you angry? Apparently, to see a cat or a dog in our featured picture is determined by your character, temperament and personality.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 28/06/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

It has been used by psychologists the world over since the 1960s. If nothing can be gleaned from your taking a Rorschach (Ink Blot) test, then you are technically deceased.  Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach devised the test to find out more about patients of his who were reluctant to talk about themselves openly.


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The Rorschach test is still used today by psychologists and psychiatrists during their assessment of patients. In the UK the validity of the test is often criticised by medical practitioners but psychologists will readily use it as an aid of self-reflection.

You can try a test yourself by visiting various websites, one of which is TheInkBlot.com.

Who are you?


In our example above if you see two cats you are an independent sort of person. You can find ways and means to entertain yourself without the help of others. You walk your own path and view the world not from the perspective of others but from your own unique standpoint.

You are also precise in your actions and your daily activities. You have a dot-the-“i”s-and-cross-the-“t”s personality that some may regard as pedantic. You can be stubborn but you would rather call yourself forthright.

If you see a long-eared dog in our featured image you are a sociable and fun-loving person who likes nothing more than to be in the company of friends. You are gregarious and will devote much of your time to talking to and socialising with other humans.

You are also an open-hearted soul who will always spill the beans about how you are feeling. You are down to earth, sometimes serious, but always welcoming.

Does that sound accurate?!