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Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 Corgi dogs during her reign

The Queen saves dying corgi breed during her reign dog-happy
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The Queen received her first Corgi, Susan, as a gift from her father, King George VI, on her 18th birthday. During her lifetime, she has owned many Corgi dogs and has probably been a leading force in saving this dying canine Corgi breed.

By Dawn Parrish , 29 Jun 2019

Queen Elizabeth and her Corgis

As a keen dog lover, its obvious that the Queen has a soft spot for Corgis, especially the Pembroke Welsh Corgis. It was her father’s Corgi, Dookie, that she first fell in love with as a young girl and since then, she has owned more than 30 Corgis, the majority of which have been descendants from her first pet, Susan.


Queen Elizabeth and her beloved corgi...Susan.

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Her Majesty is closely involved with the daily care of her pets, mixing their gourmet feed and walking them in the grounds at Windsor when she is able to. The Corgis live in her private apartments and are very much a part of the Royal family.

Royal Corgis are famous celebrities

In 2012, during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, 3 of the Queen’s Corgis (Holly, Willow and Monty), all played a role alongside James Bond, (Daniel Craig) and the Queen too, of course.

The award winning drama, 'The Crown', shown on Netflix, boosted the number of people interested in owning Corgi pups by an enormous 22% during its transmission in December, 2017. Because the Corgi’s popularity was soaring, the breed was removed from the Kennel Club’s dogs at risk register.


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New movie to be released based on the Monarch’s love of corgis

Titled The Queen’s Corgi, this animation will be released on 28 June and is about the adventure of “Rex”, the Queen’s fictitious favourite dog, who loses his mistress and goes on an epic journey. It is sure to be a great hit with any Corgi lovers, especially as it goes behind the scenes at the Palace. Voiceovers are by Dame Julie Walters (The Queen) and Jack Whitehall (Rex the Corgi).

The Queen’s current Corgi pets

Throughout her lifetime Queen Elizabeth has owned many dogs, but as a responsible dog owner, she ceased breeding from her pets when two of her favourite dogs succumbed to cancer. At present, she still has 2 Dorgis, Corgi and Daschsund crossbreeds, named Candy and Vulcan, but the Corgi breed will always be associated with Her Majesty.


Queen Elizabeth and two corgis. There are a lot of photos of her with dogs. This is a quality I admire.

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Queen Elizabeth II and one of her corgis. Visit:

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Happy Queens birthday! In tribute to Queen Elizabeth and her beloved Corgis...

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