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Students get to hang out with cats while revising for exams

Two cats sheltered by Wood Green animal charity cat-happy
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The animal charity known as Wood Green and based in Godmanchester, north of London, has, since the 22nd of this month, been offering students the chance to sit in a quiet room surrounded by cats.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 25/06/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:44

The two-hour slots can be booked with the charity up until the 26th of June. The charity provides a special sound-proofed room designed to optimise studying. The student is also surrounded by a clowder of cats.

The pros

Some studies conclude that our stress and anxiety are decreased by the presence of pets. To stroke a dog or cat also creates feelings of well being, according to research.

The programme will suit those students who lack energy because their bodies are still growing, and those who are weighed down by emotional stresses.

Speaking to The Metro Jane Harrup, the charity’s centre manager said, “A growing body of research shows that contact with pets has a positive effect on anxiety and stress levels.

At Wood Green, we see first-hand the impact that rehoming rescue cats can have on those who are able to provide a positive environment and we’re pleased to offer this experience to students in need of a furry friend during this busy time.”


This handsome gentleman is Keano! He’s been with us since November 2018, and is waiting for his much deserved forever...

Posted by Wood Green, The Animals Charity on Friday, May 17, 2019

The cons

Whether to have one cat within reach or a dozen helps us to concentrate on our work is debateable. Studies are divided in their conclusions about whether distractions aid or hinder our ability to remember important facts.

If nothing else, the experience can be seen as something of a respite from the rigours of study. A student who spends two hours in a room surrounded by cats (provided they are not allergic to them) will have an adequate break from their studies.

Wood Green is a charitable animal shleter with a difference. As well as looking after the animals that it receives the charity works with people of all ages to educate in order to promote better pet care.

Wood Green states on its website: “We educate, advise and support pet owners so they can enjoy a mutually rewarding and happy relationship with their pets.

And through our top-class facilities, welfare-friendly handling and years of experience we deliver the best quality care for every animal who needs us.