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Slammed: Emily Maitlis for letting dog sleep on train seat

Emily Maitlis's whippet lying down dog-angry
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BBC's Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis has come under public scrutiny for allowing her dog to occupy a seat on a train while fare-paying passengers stood.

By Nick Whittle , 24 Jun 2019

Ms. Maitlis appears to have garnered public condemnation after she was spotted on a train with her dog Moody asleep on the seat beside her.


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Seeming to flout the rail operator's statutory regulations 48-year-old Maitlis allowed her Whippet to lie on the seat next to hers. As a result of her actions other passengers - who are already cash-strapped by rising fares - were forced to find other seats on which to sit.

According to the Daily Mirror one witness said, “When I boarded the train it was really busy. A lady was looking for a seat and ended up sitting behind Emily and not on a seat with a table, where there is more room.

“Some people chose to stand, as there were few spare seats. It shows a lack of respect for other passengers to feel it appropriate for dogs to sit on seats meant for passengers.”

Setting an example

Of a presenter who prides herself on holding the UK’s politicians and world leaders to account, the publication of the pictures by the Daily Mirror are sure to do Maitlis's imperious reputation no good whatsoever.

In their regulations in respect of travelling with animals Network Rail’s rules are crystal clear: “Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times unless contained in a basket.

“Dogs without leads, cats, birds and small animals must be carried in an enclosed basket, cage or pet carrier.

“Animals and containers must not occupy seats, otherwise a charge will be made.”


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The witness, who travelled from Reading to London Paddington, believes Moody had fallen asleep 25 minutes before the train reached its terminus.

It’s a question of courtesy and consideration for others,” they said. “The dog should have been on the floor. It could have been dirty or could have had ticks or fleas.

“For someone who is very much in the public eye, who holds politicians to account, I would have expected her to behave better.

A spokesman for the BBC has told Wamiz the story is not something they are willing to comment on.


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