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Dying dog's last “walkies” ruined by £100 fine

Old English Sheepdog lying on grass dog-sad
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A last walk along a Blackpool beach for an aged dog proved costly for its owner. Unwittingly, Henry cost his owner Frank Ward a controversial £100 fine.

By Nick Whittle , 24 Jun 2019

For 10-year-old Old English sheepdog Henry, the walk was to be his last. Crippled with arthritis, the dog was due to be put down shortly after enjoying one last moment with his owner.

Mr Ward placed Henry in a specially-designed stroller for the return to the beach.

From the 1st of May until 30th of September Cleveleys beach like many around the coast of the UK are closed to dogs. However, confident that the stroller would keep Henry off the sand Ward promptly walked down onto the beach.

The stroller soon hit a sand dune and toppled leaving Henry lying on the sand. Metro News reports that Ward was then confronted by a local government warden who “jumped out from nowhere”.

A fine day for dying

The warden promptly served the 73-year-old local man with a fine of £100. Ward argued that the dog was not able to walk and had been considgned to his stroller but the warden was adamant that the fine stood.

Speaking to Metro News later Ward said, “He didn’t walk — he can’t walk. There were never plans to take him out of the stroller because he can’t move. But a warden jumped out from nowhere. I told him he’d fallen out of the stroller but you can’t argue with these people and he handed me a ticket for £100.”

Ward’s ex-partner Sue Brown wrote to the council to appeal its decision but received only a terse reminder that the fine must be paid. The council did however acknowledge the brevity of the situation and offered Ward an extension of the payment window.

In the end, after growing publicity about the case and Ms Ward’s sending the council payment along with a certificate of the dog’s cremation the council repealed the fine.

A spokeswoman said: “On review of the case, the ticket has been cancelled and no further action will be taken.


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