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Battered dog’s first loving caress after years of abuse

Eden the pitbull terrier snared by Hope for Paws team dog-happy
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Hope for Paws shares many of its incredible rescues on line. The professionalism of its staff is never in doubt, and is especially evident in this particular video.

By Nick Whittle , 23 Jun 2019

Animal rescue organisation Hope for Paws is a "not-for-profit" charity dedicated to the rescue and eventual re-homing of stray cats and dogs in the Los Angeles area.

Many of the animals they are called out to rescue have been abused and left stranded without food and water.


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Posted by Hope For Paws on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The brain-child of Eldad Hagar Hope for Paws has effected hundreds of rescues since its inauguration in 2009. Videos of most of the charity's rescues are published on its website. Unlike some rescue centres Hope for Paws specialises in the challenging rescues of dogs and cats in hard-to-reach places.

Eden’s rescue

A video from April of this year reveals just some of the methods used by the team to humanely snare animals. A young pitbull called Eden had for weeks been hiding in the garage owned by local Los Angeles resident Julie Maigret. She called Eldad in the hope that he and his team would be able to catch it because she had not been able to gain the dog’s trust.

On their arrival, Eden was understandably nervous. The dog had by all accounts been severely beaten by its previous owner and left to fend for herself.

Eldad and his team set to work to ensnare Eden using specialist equipment and nets. They then made certain Eden could see their faces as they attempted to tie a lead around the dog's neck. This she allowed them to do, and eventually she calmed down sufficiently to let Eldad stroke her.

Eden has since been taken to Chews Life dog rescue centre. She has been vaccinated and is now available for adoption.

Hope for Paws works with 35 partner organizations that accept animals similarly abandoned. In addition, Hope for Paws "provides grants to animal adoption centres for animals requiring medical treatment.” writes Eldad. “[Our] efforts increase adoptions and reduce euthanasia rates by providing funding for required medical treatment."