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Royal family member needs your help after thieves steal custom-made dog bike

There's a big reward for info on the bike
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The Duchess of Cambridge's brother, James Middleton, is offering potential doggy detectives a reward of £2,299 to help track down his custom made pooch-mobile.

By Ashley Murphy , 21 Jun 2019

The Babboe Cargobike is fitted with a large basket on the front which James uses to transport his nine dogs around the exclusive streets of Chelsea and Kensington.

Mr Middleton's royal pack includes five Black Spaniels called Rafa, Ella, Zulu, Inka and Luna, as well as a Golden Retriever named Mable, a Black Labrador, and two Cocker Spaniels!


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Spreading the word

James shared news of the recent theft via Instagram. He posted
"Sadly my Dog Bike got stolen. “Ella & Co are devastated - taking the dogs out on the bike brings me so much joy and to all those we meet on the way.”
Along with a reward for any information that leads to the return of the bike, James promised to donate to the Battersea Dog and Cat Home if the Instagram post received 15,000 likes.
His social media followers got clicking and sharing, and by morning, the post had over 25,000 likes. Others posted supportive messages, including: 
“Good luck finding your bike.”

“Terrible news, I see you and the dogs on the bike around Battersea all the time and it brings me joy."

“I hope they find the culprits.”

Another follower added: “Your dogs are very blessed to have you as their papa!”

More than just pets

To James, his dogs are more than just pets. Last year he wrote an editorial piece for the Daily Mail in which he discussed his battle with depression. James credited his dogs for providing some much need emotional support during his darkest moments.

Luckily, a CCTV camera managed to capture footage of the incident. The Police are now investigating, so let's keep our paws crossed that James and his pups get their bike back soon.


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