Wamiz Happiness Officers wish you a Happy Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Jack Russell looking at screens dog-happy © Wamiz

Work can be a pain, but there’s one day in the year where it’s definitely not! And that’s today, because today, your canine best friend gets to come to work with you!

By Justine Seraphin

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Here, at Wamiz, we are lucky enough to say that EVERY DAY is bring your dog to work day. And so, on this special occasion, we’d like you to meet our furry colleagues, our happiness officers, our best friends…


Malinka has been here the longest. She looks like a Labrador, but she actually doesn’t have a single drop of Lab DNA in her! She’s a mix of dozens of breeds – including a Shar-Pei, which explains her stretchy skin! She was found as a puppy, abandoned in a Russian forest. Luckily, a lovely human (a fellow Wamiz collegue), adopted her and brought her back to Europe. Now she’s living the high life! This 2-year-old cutie has boundless energy and once she learns to trust you – she is the  sweetest good girl.


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Such a fitting name for such a sparky girl! Boogie is a very special Jack Russell. Indeed, this frisky little lady is actually deaf, but it doesn’t matter to her mum! They have a special connection and know how to communicate with each other anyway! She’s calm and collected while indoors enjoying our scratches, but she’s a rocket once outdoors! We have to keep an eye on her when we go out into the courtyard…she loves to say hello to the neighbour’s cat!

©Livia Lumbroso


He’s definitely a chav in dog-form if you’ve ever seen one! This Chihuahua/MinPin mix may be tiny, but he’s a little fireball! He LITERALLY cannot stand still. And he doesn’t just run around on the floor, he likes to get on our desks and wreak havoc there too! He likes to yap and nip and play CONSTANTLY but we love him for it. There is never a dull moment when Hamza is around. This mini-pooch is definitely a much bigger dog in his mind!


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Liam is the little lion of the pack! He’s a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog, but people often confuse him for a Collie because he’s unusually large for his breed! Liam is definitely the savviest dog in the office – he knows a bunch of fun tricks and likes to keep us entertained with them! He’s also quite the talker, and likes the sound of his own voice! But this sweet boy is a total cuddle-bug, so affectionate he can make anyone’s heart melt (including the other dogs, ESPECIALLY Malinka)!


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Elton is our newest addition at the office, but he’s actually the oldest of our pooches. You CAN definitely teach an old dog new tricks though, and this 9-year-old Iggy boy is taking nicely to his new role as Wamiz Happiness Officer. He likes to spend most of his time pacing through the office looking for a nice lap to nap on – and the winner is usually the colleague with a blanket to coddle him in and a treat to bribe him with!


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All of our dogs are so different - but one thing's for sure. We can't imagine office life without them. They make our days so special. We hope you got to bring your pup to work today!

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