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WATCH: Rare condition causes Spaniel to fall over EVERY time he gets excited

Dog with fainting goat syndrome falls over when he gets excited dog-wow
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WATCH: A sweet cocker spaniel has been struck by a rare condition known as 'fainting goat syndrome', which makes him fall over whenever he gets excited.

By Alice Lang , 22 Jun 2019

We all know how excited dogs get. Whether they see their human, meet a new friend, go out on their favourite walk or even just receive a little head rub - it doesn’t exactly take much to get those tails wagging.

So, imagine what it would be like if your dog fell over every time it felt excited? Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, that’s exactly what this bouncy Cocker Spaniel is experiencing.

Peter has Fainting Goat Syndrome…

The adorable young hound has a rare neurological condition which his owners have branded ‘fainting goat syndrome’. If Pete gets excited - which often happens when he sees ducks (yep, this is why we love dogs) - he’ll go completely stiff and fall over.

Vets are completely perplexed about the condition, but they’re not concerned. After all, Peter is otherwise completely happy and healthy!

Emma Clayton, Pete’s owner, said to The Guardian: "When he gets excited or scared, sometimes for no reason at all, he just freezes up and topples over.

As far as we know he is not in any pain - he is conscious when it happens, his eyes are open, he can follow me with his eyes, he just can't move his body.

It depends on how overwhelmed he is, I guess - sometimes his body will freeze for almost 30 seconds."

...but it doesn’t stop his owners from loving him

Emma and her partner, Oliver, love their unique pooch with all their heart - despite his strange, yet somewhat entertaining, condition.

She explained: "We were aware that it happened, we adopted him from a family who were perfectly honest with us about his condition.

"But I fell in love with him straight away. "