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Cutest video of ALL time: Puppy teaches us to live in the moment

Puppy crosses legs and watches rain
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It’s the simple things in life! This adorable puppy, whilst watching the rain fall down in utter tranquility, teaches us to stop and enjoy the moment.

By Alice Lang , 22 Jun 2019

Dogs videos are just the best.

First we had the adorable dog who’s heart visibly broke whilst watching The Lion King, then we had the mischievous Labrador who hadn’t quite mastered the art of thieving boiled eggs.

But this next one might have just trumped them all - in the most pure way you could ever imagine!

The puppy who’s mastered ‘living in the moment’

Between neverending work commitments, household chores and the stresses of modern life, us humans sometimes forget to appreciate the little things in life.

So it’s about time we learnt a lesson from this sweet-natured puppy. The cute brown and white pooch was captured on video by his owner during a rainstorm. He sits there quietly, legs crossed behind him, totally transfixed on the raindrops falling down from the grey sky.

And what would we do? We’d likely see rain, immediately run inside and put the TV on or clean the house. But this little pup proves that sometimes, it’s important to simply enjoy the view!

And now, he’s stolen the hearts of the internet

People from all over the globe have marvelled at the sheer tranquility of the teeny pooch - so much so, that the video has garnered 1.3m likes and over 200,000 shares.

One dog-lover commented: “I love the sound of rain. He is taking time for himself. Friendly reminder to find peace in our lives.”

While another said: “This little dog has got it so right. Enjoy the simple things in life the things most of us let pass by. Like everyone else, I love the crossed legs - so relaxed.”

So, after watching the video, there’s one thing you should do: Put your phone down, close your laptop, head outside and enjoy the beauty of nature like this wise little pup.

Little Dog Loves Watching The Rain

This little guy loves to sit out and watch the rain in peace 🐶🌧️

Posted by LADbible on Tuesday, June 11, 2019