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Heroic train driver stops just a few feet away from a dog chained to tracks

Train driver stops locomotive just in front of a dog chained to tracks dog-angry
© Pixabay

The train driver had to make an emergency stop, bringing his fast locomotive to a stop to prevent a petrified dog chained to the metal tracks from being run over.

By Dawn Parrish , 22 Jun 2019

The driver of the locomotive, from Chile, captured the incident on his phone. He can be heard saying in the video “Who could leave a little dog tied to the tracks? How can anyone be so bad!” The event happened in the central region of Chile, in Valparaiso, near Llay-Llay.

Heart stopping moment for the train driver

Locals have hailed the driver of the train a hero after he managed somehow to bring the huge locomotive to a standing halt. He climbed down from his cab, ventured over to the frightened dog, and released it from its shackles fastened to the railway tracks. By doing so, he prevented the dog from suffering a gruesome death.

The freed dog panics

As the driver approached the helpless dog, the terrified animal began to growl and bark, obviously unaware that help was at hand. Once the dog was freed, he panicked and fled away from the scene, before the train driver could capture him to help. Local authorities are hoping to locate the dog, give him whatever medical care he needs, and hopefully place him up for adoption.

Investigations continue to find the cruel culprit

The mayor of the town of Llay-Llay, Edgardo Gonzales confirmed in a report that he has filed a criminal complaint and has opened an investigation, to find the heartless person who left the dog chained to the tracks. Authorities are shocked at the callousness of whoever is accountable for this cruel act against a defenceless animal.

When the video was posted on social media, it brought many responses from people asking how anyone could be so cruel, at the same time praising the train driver for his heroic actions managing to stop the train just feet away from the dog chained to the tracks.