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Dog stabbed and left for dead in Wrexham

Spaniel and Pug
© Mercedes Leigh Williams - Facebook

A police investigation has been launched in Wrexham, following a tragic incident involving the two pet dogs. The poor animals were attacked in their own garden, and both sustained fatal injuries.

By Dawn Parrish , 20 Jun 2019

The brutal attack has left the Williams family, of Plas Wern, Ros, distraught. One of their pet dogs, Fane, a 5-year-old Spaniel, was stabbed while in his kennel, and died before medical help could be sought. Another dog, a 14-year-old Pug named Olive, was attacked and had to be put to sleep because of her fatal injuries, although she wasn’t stabbed.

Family has no idea who could be so cruel

Mercedes Williams, daughter of the family, said that her parents were away from home at the time, on holiday in Pwllheli. Her teenage sister, aged 18, was home alone with friends. When her sister popped outside for a cigarette, she spotted things weren’t quite right with her dog Fane, and it was then that she realised she had been stabbed.

With blood pouring from the Spaniel’s wounds, both dogs were rushed to the vet’s surgery.

Unfortunately, Fane’s injuries were so very severe that he died in the car, as he had lost so much blood. Olive, the Pug dog, had injuries that were life threatening, and the vet had no option but to put her to sleep.


Brutally taken away 😪😪 sorry we failed you both. Good night angels

Posted by Mercedes Leigh Williams on Monday, June 17, 2019

Family urge pet owners not to leave dogs outside in the area

Mercedes, one of the Williams’ daughters, posted on social media about the brutal attack on their dogs. She commented, “We have no enemies or have any idea why anyone would carry out such a brutal attack on their dog while we were all away at our caravan

My 18-old-sister and her friends tried their absolute best to do what they could but sadly failed as he had already bled out in minutes.

Following their devastating loss and heartache, the family are stressing to other pet owners in the Gardden Road, Wern Las area of Rhos to be extra vigilant with their dogs and not to leave them outside unattended. There are obviously serial offenders in the region, carrying deadly knives and capable of committing such appalling and sickening crimes.

A police investigation is ongoing, searching for the malicious and merciless culprits.