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This owner picks her dog up from the groomer's, and cannot stop laughing

This owner cannot stop laughing when she collects her dog from the groomer's
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One pet owner was shocked after picking her dog Ruger up from the groomer's. His usual groomer had been absent on that day, and it seems the replacement groomer had no idea what a Newfie should normally look like. 

By Dawn Parrish , 23 Jun 2019

Ruger’s owner, Carli Cunningham, of Parkville, dropped her large pet dog off at the doggy salon. Leaving her dog there for a cut and blow dry, Carli left the salon planning to see her dog with a shining, shimmering coat a few hours later.


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Owner bursts into fits of laughter

When it was time to return to the groomer’s to pick up 4-year-old Ruger, Carli was astonished when the dog came to greet her. He didn’t even look like her dog! It certainly wasn’t the cut that she had asked for, but rather than become cross by the situation, she can’t stop laughing. Despite stressing to the groomer that she didn’t want her dog’s hair to be shaved, this is exactly what had happened.

A hilarious haircut

Before his haircut, Ruger had quite a thick, long coat, that’s predominant in Newfoundland dogs. Now, he looked like he was wearing “pants”, with the hair on his legs and body shaved to a certain length. Although she could see the funny side of things, Carli knew that her dog’s hair would quickly grow back, and he would soon be back to his fluffy self.

Ruger is initially intrigued by his new look

At first, Ruger was feeling very good about his new hairstyle. His coat was definitely a lot lighter and he felt much cooler without the heavy weight of his shaggy hair. He just couldn’t understand why his mistress couldn't stop laughing at him. Of course, he soon calmed down, and it seemed as though he couldn’t give a jot about his new designer look.

Dog gets a bad haircut

One high skin fade please, Scissorhands ✂️🙈😂🐶

Posted by Metro on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

After posting the photo of Ruger’s new image on social media, Carli was inundated with clips of other hilarious dog grooming disasters. the moral is to make sure that you get what you ask for at the dog groomer's!