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Video of Britain's FATTEST cat shows her playing dead to avoid exercise

Britain's fattest cat plays dead on treadmill
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Let’s face it, no one actually likes the treadmill - but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. Well, this cheeky kitty has absolutely no time for that nonsense! 

By Alice Lang , 19 Jun 2019

Committing to exercise is no easy feat. While some people are natural gym-goers, the majority of us literally have to drag ourselves there.

And this chubby kitty totally seems to relate.

Not so cathletic!

Laila, a slightly overweight feline, definitely needed some exercise. Thankfully, her owner Lee could totally see that - which is why she’s been trying to get Laila to do some walking via a treadmill. Genius idea, huh?

Well, not really. As you’ll see in the video, despite Lee’s best efforts, Laila just ain’t having it. Lee encourages Laila to take a little stroll, but the humongous feline immediately falls on her back as if she were dead.

“Yep. I iz dead. Can’t exercise if dead. Sori bye bye.”

Furtanely, Laila is making progress

Speaking to Metro, Lee explained: ‘Laila was a normal-sized kitten until after we moved here to Gainesville and she was spayed. She started gaining weight rapidly and stopped jumping on things.'

‘More than a year full of vet trips and tests, we were struggling to figure out how she could be gaining a pound a month on a strict diet. We have had every test you can think of and nothing is medically wrong with her.’

‘Finally we began exercising her, she’s on a strict diet and walks with her dad once a day. She also goes to Fat Camp on Wednesdays at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine.’

So, it looks like Laila is well on the way to a healthier future -but it definitely won't include treadmills!

This fat cat plays dead to avoid exercise! 😹😹

This fat cat plays dead to avoid exercise! 😹😹

Posted by Daily Mail on Monday, June 17, 2019