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Having a ruff time with your dog? Channel 5 want YOU to star in their show!

Scotland's naughtiest dogs wanted for Channel 5 show dog-wow
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Do you live in Scotland and have what feels like the world’s most badly behaved dog? Channel 5 want you and your unruly pup to star in their new show!

By Alice Lang , 19 Jun 2019

You come home to find the brand new sofa scratched up and barely recognisable. Despite years of toilet training, you still find wee on the floor almost every day. You don’t take your dog for a walk - they take you for a walk. And having guests round when the dogs are in? No, no, no. Just no.

If any of these situations sound familiar, you’re exactly what Channel 5 are looking for!

The canine wizard is back

The show features legendary dog trainer Graeme Hall, who visits badly behaved dogs and their owners to find solutions to their doggy issues. Yup, no matter how bad the pup is, he can fix it - it’s literally canine wizardry!

He’s worked with almost 5,000 dogs in his 10 years of dog training, putting an end to ‘ruff’ times for thousands of frustrated doggy owners.

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly - Tuesday at 8pm.

Here's how to train your dog to stop jumping up at you.

Posted by Channel 5 on Monday, January 14, 2019

In the previous series, Graeme met a dog who couldn't stop eating its own poop and another which ran away at every opportunity. But, of course, that was no problem for Graeme, who worked with the owners to fix the problems within just a few days.

And he’s looking for new canine candidates!

If you’re facing endless doggy troubles and live in Scotland, then why not get in touch with the production team? They’re looking for more unruly pups to star in the new series - and they won’t leave you till your pup is good as gold!

If you are interested in applying for you and your pet to be on the show, email or