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Trump-supporting cat-lover accused of drowning Labrador

An ageing golden Labrador is said to have been drowned by a woman in New Hampshire. dog-angry
© mburleson - Pixabay

Merrimack, New Hampshire: dog cops have charged a 66-year-old woman with a misdemeanour animal cruelty charge after she allegedly pushed an innocent yellow Labrador into a lake to watch it drown.

By G. John Cole , 18 Jun 2019

Nancy Bucciarelli, who looks the type, is said to have pushed the aging (11yo) creature into the water at Wasserman Park a week ago – with the arrest being made days later.

“I’m just overwhelmed with it,” area man Paul Woods told CNN. “It’s disgusting.

“When I heard about it I almost got sick.”

Lake of Death

Lake Naticook is a tranquil spot amidst nearly 90 acres of conservation land, nature preserves, and recreational sports fields not far from north east coast of the United States. The lake has a sandy beach and piers reserved for the use of local people only. But if Bucciarelli’s alleged crime does not breach park regulations, it is an affront to morality, the human-dog contract, and Chief Denise Roy of Merrimack Police.

“It is a sad story,” Roy told CNN. “You know, it’s unconscionable to think what this defendant is charged with.”

Witnesses jumped into the water to save the dog, named Bailey, as he appeared to be winded and clearly struggling in the lake. But despite their efforts to revive the sorry animal, he expired on the shore.

All crime, no motive

Bucciarelli, a Trump supporter who wore Donald-themed socks to vote in the 2016 election, has been revealed to have a cat for her profile picture – muddying the waters even further.

“We may never know what happened there,” Chief Roy mused, “except for what the witnesses observed and the defendant has said.”

Following the accusations against Bucciarelli, a social media frenzy has bayed for the apparent abuser’s blood, with outraged dog-lovers taking to the alleged killer’s Facebook page to vent their anger.

“If only your dog could have stayed away from the biggest idiot of all – YOU,” said one.

“This dog trusted and loved you!!!!! ?added another.

“We are imploring the public to allow the justice system to work and to refrain from comments which are cruel in nature,says Chief Roy. “We teach our children to not bully and some of the comments contradict what we teach. Please set an example for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.”

“You can’t abuse animals,” adds local man Woods. “We have too much abuse today in everything else.”