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The woman with 106 dogs almost bankrupt

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A woman from Lincolnshire accused of ‘hoarding dogs’ is on the cusp of financial ruin. Tamara Lloyd lives with 106 rescue dogs who were deemed un-adoptable by rescue centres.

By Nick Whittle , 17 Jun 2019

Channel 5’s documentary 'The woman with 106 dogs' follows two women who hoard dogs under the guise of animal charities. Now both are on the cusp of bankruptcy due to a lack of donations and interventions of the local council.

The programme follows Tamara Lloyd, who lives with 106 dogs, and Zoey Louise, who shares her house with 34 Pomeranians. Channel 5’s candid documentary describes the mayhem of living with so many dogs.

Lloyd’s charity Alternative Animal Sanctuary is now cash-strapped due to a disagreement with the council which leaves her unable to fundraise.

Registering as a charity allows Louise to keep all of the dogs but recently the local authority claimed she had mismanaged her accounts. As part of its ongoing investigation the council has frozen Louise's charitable status. Louise is unable to fundraise until she can agree with the council a method to better administer the charity.

Happy with her ‘housemates’

Apart from the financial stress, Tamara is apparently 'happy with her life and her canine housemates'.

'I'm very happy living without people,' she explains. 'But my house isn't mine as such.'

The canine collector admitted that her love of dogs far outweighs her love of humans. She says she has 'a bit of an obsessive personality' but sees no problem with her choice of companions nor her unorthodox way of life.

Her house is overrun by dogs. The furniture has been soiled and tables and chairs look to be in various stages of being eaten. It is clear that the house no longer belongs to Tamara but is owned and managed by the dogs.

Tamara's accepting of dogs that people can no longer cope with has led her to this point. Some of the canine residents have behavioural issues and some have even bitten humans. Tamara seems unfazed though.

'Putting down a dog because he is an inconvenience makes me ill,' she tells the programme's makers.

'I'm over capacity,' she says, according to The Mail Online. 'They pretty much dictate how things are in the house.'


This is ELLIE the Akita. Ellie is now Safe and Sound in a lovely armchair provided by The Alternative Animal...

Posted by SAFE & SOUND - Refuge for Death Row Pound Dogs on Sunday, June 3, 2012