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Puppy cruelly dumped by side of the road is waiting for a loving home

The pup is now with a foster family dog-angry
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An adorable puppy is waiting for a perfect forever home after a cruel and heartless owner abandoned her next to a busy road. She had been tied to a fence - and left there with all her things.

By Ashley Murphy , 17 Jun 2019

Passersby spotted the pup tied to a wire fence near dense woodland in Gietrzwałd, Northern Poland. The fence runs along a busy highway, and the cute little crossbreed was most likely abandoned during the previous night or the early hours of the morning.

Its former owner had also left a few of the animal's meagre possessions, including a dog bowl, a red blanket, and some dog toys.

Police officers come to the rescue

The good samaritans called the local police who quickly arrived to carry the dog to the safety of a local animal rescue centre.

The puppy was nervous, anxious, and obviously traumatised after the cruel abandonment.

Thankfully, following a brief examination, the vet saw she was in a good physical condition.

The centre tried locating the former owner, but their attempts were unsuccessful. The pup had no microchip, and nobody responded to the posts on the shelter's social media sites.

The staff just couldn't understand how anyone could abandon such a cute puppy.

Looking after a pet is always a huge commitment. Unfortunately, changes in personal or economic circumstances can mean some owners are no longer capable of providing the right kind of love and care.

However, there's no excuse for dumping a dog on the side of a road, especially when animal charities and rescue organisations are always on hand to help a dog in need.

It's important to point out that animal cruelty is a criminal offence in most European countries. In Poland, such crimes are punishable by up to three years in prison.

Waiting for her perfect family

The rescue pup is now with a loving foster care family and waiting to meet her forever family. And with a face that cute, we're sure it won't be too long before she finds it!


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Posted by Schronisko dla Bezdomnych Zwierząt w Tomarynach on Wednesday, May 29, 2019