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Battersea's longest-serving resident is ‘really insecure’

Aidan the dog in a forest setting dog-sad
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He has already spent 600 days at Battersea Dogs Home. Although he is at the moment spending some time with a foster family, the seven-year-old mongrel has not yet been selected by one of the many thousands of visitors to the shelter.

By Nick Whittle , 15 Jun 2019

Shelter volunteers believe one of Aidan’s drawbacks is his propensity to bark when he gets excited or nervous. A dog that likes the sound of his own voice is not for everyone, and although excessive vocalisation can be somewhat reduced with training, it cannot be eliminated.

Aidan first arrived at the shelter one and a half years ago after he was picked up wandering the streets of Woking in South West London. He was and still is a nervous dog, quick to fright and wary of human contact.

What the shelter says

In its report of Aidan’s personality, the shelter is honest about his difficulties.


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He loves the sound of his own voice,’ states the description. ‘And becomes more vocal at times of stress or excitement. This is a habit that is quite established for Aiden, and he is looking for owners who are not put off by this. 

'Aidan is a very clever dog and has some lovely training in place, and already know 'sit', both 'paws' and 'roll over' - getting him to use his brain to learn new things really helps to settle Aiden. He's a very expressive dog and pulls a very comical wrinkly face when he is enjoying having his neck scratched.’

Aidan’s foster family has managed to house train him, according to staff at the shelter, something they believe will work in the dog’s favour.

Aidan can be found at Battersea’s outstation in Old Windsor. If you would like more information about him please contact Battersea Old Windsor, email or call 01784 494 443.