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Singing saved this dog's life - and her puppies' too

Luna the dog with her puppies dog-happy
© Sylwia Warczak-Gołaś - Facebook

Luna was first spotted by residents of Szczytno, in north-eastern Poland, in March of this year. When they noticed the poor dog was on the brink of starvation, they alerted the local animal shelter, which quickly sprung into action.

By Nick Whittle , 17 Jun 2019

Szczytno is located in north-eastern Poland just 80 miles from the coast of the Baltic Sea. Winters are long and harsh in this part of the world, and Szczytno was in the grip of an icy storm.

When Luna was discovered to have given birth to six puppies, residents began to worry. With little food to be scavenged, they began to throw food to the dog in order to keep up her strength. However, Luna was incredibly distrustful of humans and would often avoid eating the offerings in an effort to get away from her human benefactors.

Soon the puppies were seen around the town following their mum. The entire family looked starved and barely alive.

Luna found a barn to settle down in but concerns for her safety were still being voiced by the well-meaning residents of Szczytno.

Four Laps Animal Shelter

After a few weeks Sylwia Warczak-Gołaś, who owns the local animal shelter 'Four Laps', had seen enough. The dogs were clearly malnourished and if not cared for properly, would soon die.

Ms. Warczak-Gołaś began to visit the barn on regular occasions. She brought food to the family in order to engender some trust. In the end, she found the one thing that brought Luna within reach: singing.

Warczak-Gołaś would lie down on the barn floor and sing. Luna came closer each time, trusting the human music box with her life and those of her pups.

Luna was finally brought into care, and she and her puppies were looked after. The work to bring the puppies back to full health continues. Four Laps animal shelter hopes they will be well enough to be re-homed soon.