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Defying stereotypes: 'Vicious' pitbull gently plays with duckling

Pitbull gently plays with duckling dog-wow
© Queen Gee - YouTube

They're the most aggresive dogs going, right? Well, this pitbull, who's made friends with a duckling, has proven that you should never judge a dog by its breed!

By Alice Lang , 16 Jun 2019

You know pitbulls - they’re vicious, feisty, aggressive, dangerous creatures right?

Wrong. While we can’t deny some pitbulls may have issues (just like any other breed of dog on the planet), many, if not most, aren’t anything like their negative stereotype.

In fact, this video proves that pitbulls are capable of being the complete opposite.

It was a vicious attack… of fun and laughter!

The video shows a beautiful female pitbull called Mercedes approach a confident baby duckling and gently touch its nose.

Now, if we were to go with the typical pitbull stereotype, what happened next wouldn’t be pretty. It might have been a bite, an attack or a sheer fight with this innocent baby.

But nope. Defying the prejudices once again, the pitbull merely chills there with the petite duck, giving it a gentle ‘pop’ (or should we say kiss?) with its nose every now and then. Mercedes is clearly curious, but really keeps her cool and lets the little duck get on with its day.

So what does this prove? Never judge a book by its cover, or a dog by its breed. Animals, including pitbulls, are full of love and compassion!