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Your dog can be a real-life Ariel in this merm-azing life jacket

Mermaid life jackets for dogs
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Love mermaids and adore your pup? Well, dreams can come true - now you can turn your pooch INTO a glistening mer-canine with these incredible mermaid dog life jackets!

By Alice Lang , 16 Jun 2019

If your favourite Disney films were The Little Mermaid and 101 Dalmations, you’re simply gonna love this mermaid-inspired doggy accessory.


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A life jacket for dogs...

You thought your dog couldn’t get any better, but if we told you they could turn into a mermaid, you’d probably change your mind.

Yep, this stylish dog mermaid life jacket, which can be found on Amazon, promises to give your pooch the enchanting charm of your favourite mythical creature, whilst still remaining friendly and fluffy. Absolute winner, right?


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“The Urijk quick release dog life jacket is the unique mermaid style clothes to make your pet become the star while swimming, walking and other water based activities. The fish scales will catch eyes, give your beloved dog a new look and does not hinder his/her natural movement. Have a fun time when boating, kayaking, hunting, surfing or just swimming in the pool.”

Uh, yes please, Urjik - I want a mer-canine right this moment! *Frantically orders one in every single colour*


...which is totally merm-azing!

The mermaid doggy life jackets are available in shimmering shades of pink, blue and green and currently cost £22 + delivery to ship to the UK. A small price to pay for a mermaid dog, though - well, that's if you're as obsessed as we are.

But as well as being stylish, the adorable jackets are also totally practical. Made with polyester fabric, it’s lightweight and allows for quick drying and proper drainage. It also features adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles for the perfect fit. Of course, it also provides the perfect buoyancy aid to keep your pooch safe and sound in water.


So, who else is ready for a shimmering, shining, glittery mer-canine? We’re totally hooked.


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