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Shocking discovery in abandoned farmhouse causes outrage among dog lovers

Foster denies all the allegations dog-angry
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Three dogs found starved to death in an abandoned farmhouse has caused a social media outrage, with many users demanding to know who was responsible for this disturbing act of cruelty.

By Ashley Murphy , 14 Jun 2019

French bulldog Rosie, Labrador cross Liam and elderly Staffie Buster were discovered in Milton Keynes last February.

A disturbing discovery

A local resident broke into the seven-bedroom property after concerns regarding the animal's safety. The resident, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said:

"It was the most awful sight I will ever see. Rosie and Liam were curled up together, dead, on the kitchen floor, I found the body of Buster in the back room. All three dogs were in a skeletal state”

The Citizen newspaper tracked down the owner of the farmhouse, a 32-year-old woman. She claims she left the property after fears for her safety following an attack. She moved into a temporary home but said she had made adequate arrangments for the dogs' safety.

“I left the dogs behind, but I made arrangements for a friend to go in, take them and re-home them," she said. "I gave him a key. I checked and he said they'd all been rehomed."

However, given the emaciated condition of the corpses, it was clear the dogs hadn't been fed or watered for some time.

The story went viral and social media users launched a tirade of criticism towards the dog's owner.

An ongoing investigation

The RSPCA is currently investigating, but could not go into any specific details of the case. They released the following statement: 

"We are really sorry that we are unable to talk about this specific case for legal reasons but we would like to reassure people that concerns about the welfare of animals are taken seriously.”

The owner denies any accusation of animal cruelty, stating: "I loved those dogs. I did not mean for them to suffer. People can call me an evil murderer, but I know the truth."

An investigation is currently ongoing.