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Hollywood star finds an unusual way to commemorate his dead dog

The dogs skeleton is on former display dog-sad
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Hollywood super star Orlando Bloom has come up with a slightly unusual way to commemorate his beloved pooch. While his intentions are purely to honour his dog's memory, some people have found this memorial quite 'creepy'.

By Ashley Murphy , 15 Jun 2019

Bloom adopted the stray while filming in Morocco and the pair were often pictured on walkies together around the Hollywood Hills.

A constant reminder

But following Sidi's recent passing, Bloom couldn't imagine life without a constant reminder of his old best friend. So rather than putting up a photograph of his former pet, Orlando decided to mount the dog's skeleton and keep it on permanent display in his Hollywood home.

When asked about the unusual memorial, Bloom said: 

"I had his skeleton mounted so that he stays with me. I know that sounds a little odd to some people, but it is quite tastefully done and I still get to say goodnight to him.”


Orlando Bloom had the skeleton of his dog mounted so that his dog stays with him. I think I would of at least gone with a head mounting with the dog still intact over this!

Posted by Gravy Radio on Monday, June 10, 2019

The actor recently adopted a Labradoodle called Mighty, and he says a love of dogs is part of his DNA:

“I’m British and we are a nation of dog lovers. But even if I wasn’t British, I would still be an animal lover and especially a dog lover - I just cannot help myself. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog. I take one look in those eyes and I am immediately captivated.”

Mighty follows his master everywhere and has quickly adapted to the A-list lifestyle.


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Sidi wasn't the first dog rescued by the star

Sidi wasn't the first dog rescued by Bloom. In fact, he's well-known for extending a helping paw to strays all over the world, including on a recent movie shoot in China:

"We were in Shanghai and I saw this dog limping around the streets. I couldn’t just leave her, so I helped the vet to give her a bath and shave the parts where she needed treatment."

So let's put our paws together for a fellow dog lover! Well done, Orlando. You've certainly made it into our good books!


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