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Hiker hears desperate cries in the middle of the forest, runs to get help

Hiker rescues dog three weeks after it fell into a cave
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Joe Dunn, a keen hiker, often spent his weekends walking in the forests searching for interesting sights. He didn’t expect to come across a young dog that had fallen down into a cave, completely out of sight.

By Dawn Parrish , 15 Jun 2019

Hiker hears the dog’s barks for help

While hiking through the Withlacoochee State Forest, in Tampa, Florida, Joe Dunn heard strange noises coming from the distance. It wasn’t like any other wild animal sound he had heard in the woods, so he headed off to investigate. As he explored among the trees, he discovered a dog that had somehow managed to fall to the bottom of a deep cave, miles from civilisation.

Dog rescue is planned with help of social media

Deep in the forest, Joe knew that he would have no phone signal and without any proper equipment, there was no way that he could rescue the dog without help. He threw down his food snacks to sustain the dog and as light was fading, he heading out of the forest. Once home, he placed a plea on social media, to any of his friends who would offer to help the dog.

The next day, Joe and his helpful volunteers set off back to the location where the dog had fallen into the cave. One of the guys was secured to a rope and lowered into the darkness, down to the distressed dog. Attaching the dog to the rope harness, the volunteers then winched the dog up to ground level.

Dog missing for three weeks rescued from caved, reunited with family

INCREDIBLE RESCUE: A dog trapped in a Florida cave for three weeks, saved by hiker.

Posted by WFLA News Channel 8 on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Rescued dog is so happy to be free

Once on solid ground, the dog showed her appreciation to the hiker by rolling around on her back, seeking affection. Once she was given water, the rescuers were able to approach the dog and read her identity tag. They discovered that the dog’s name was “Sally”.

Of course once they called Sally’s owner, to tell him of her amazing rescue, he was astounded to hear that his dog was safe and alive. It had been no less than three weeks since his beloved pooch had gone missing! The owner showed his appreciation to Joe and the other volunteers and stressed how grateful he was that the hiker rescued his dog.

Sally, is now happily back at home, where she will be kept under a close watch to make sure she doesn’t venture off into the forest again.

This Hiker Came Across A Stranded Dog And Helped Rescue Him

This hiker came across a dog stuck at the bottom of a cave. So he recruited some people to climb down and rescue the pup 🐢🌲

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I’ve got an update about Sally from the owner and I am happy to report that she is doing well! She is happy to be back...

Posted by Joe Dunn on Tuesday, June 11, 2019