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Nicole Kidman faces criticism after admitting she carries her cats in backpacks

Nicole Kidman takes her pets hiking in a backpack cat-wow
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The 51 year-old actor, Nicole Kidman, has revealed recently that she enjoys taking her cats out for a walk carrying them in a backpack. Her comment is met with divided attention from animal rights groups.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 14/06/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

Together with her husband, Keith Urban, and 2 daughters, Nicole Kidman owns lots of pets. Nicole told You magazine about her family’s pet collection, “ Alpacas, 10 fish and two cats called Ginger and Snow… I really am a cat person”.


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Taking her cats out for hikes in a backpack

The cat carrying backpack that Nicole Kidman uses to transport her kitties, appears to be a backpack with a small window that allows the animal to see outside. The cat has a supply of fresh air, and is securely fastened, so it cannot come to any harm. The Academy Award-winning actor mentioned in her interview that the cats really enjoy climbing into the backpack, before they set off on their travels outdoors.

Nicole’s cats often feature on social media

Many celebrities feature their much-loved pets on their social media pages, and Nicole Kidman is no exception. With 4.4 million followers on Instagram, her felines often appear in cute poses. In fact, at last year’s Telluride Film festival, her two cats, Ginger and Snow were also her date at the event.

The recent controversy around her hiking with pets in a backpack follows her admission that she loves to take unconventional walks with her animals.


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Cat safety must always be considered

Animal rights groups have met her revelations with disbelief and scepticism. Many animal lovers question the ethics, welfare and comfort of the kitties as they are being carried in backpacks, especially if used on a regular basis.

A spokesman for Cats Protection, Daniel Cummings,  has issued advice regarding the use of pet carriers, .“Placing them in small and confined spaces and taking them to unfamiliar environments will cause a lot of cats stress. When transporting a cat it should be for a minimal amount of time; the cat should comfortably be able to have all four paws firmly on the base of the cat carrier and have space to turn and to lie down.

“Putting them in a backpack with a window means they have little opportunity to hide, which is what they would want to do in situations where they are scared. It’s unlikely that an experience like this will be beneficial for most cats.”

If you do intend to take your cat for a hike in a backpack, similar to one used by Nicole Kidman, please make sure that your kitty is happy to be transported in this way, for occasional use only and never leave him unattended.


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