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'PuPEE' steals the show at graduation cermony

Dog pees on decorative fern at Alabama graduation dog-wow
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When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! This dog, who stole the limelight during a heart-felt speech at a graduation cereomny in Alabama, knows this feeling all too well…

By Alice Lang , 13 Jun 2019

Graduation - a day of emotion, pride and, in this case, an awful lot of laughter.

He just had to (pu)pee…

Grads at Horseshoe Bend School in Alabama, USA, were eagerly listening to the valedictorian speech when Charlie, a dog belonging to one of the students, had a sudden urge to pee. 

Smack bang in the middle of the heartfelt speech, Charlie decided to make an appearance at the ceremony and, after a few minutes of lingering, he clearly decided it was his time to steal the show.

Speaking in a YouTube video, the graduation videographer says: “He sees this pretty fern sitting on the ground by one of the tables where everybody walks up to get their diploma. And he’s just sniffing that fern and all of a sudden he just lifts his leg and I was like ‘oh my gosh’”

...but the grads just barked with laughter

Thankfully, the graduates and the crowd in front of them all saw the funny side of the situation. Even Charlie’s owner, Branch, couldn’t stop howling.

"He definitely got the best crowd reaction of the night," Branch admitted to MSN. "Charlie definitely loved it."

And it turns out that Charlie is a regular guest at the high school - during the school year, he’d often toddle over and hang out with the kids during break times. "He just loves attention and being around people."

Well then, it only makes sense that this sociable pooch made his mark (uh, literally) on the graduation day, right? Check out the hilarious moment below: