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Cat finds genius way to survive fire – and stays hidden there for TWO WEEKS

Cat is seen by vets after surviving fire cat-wow
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A couple of weeks ago, the Warsaw branch of OTOZ animals received a call about a cat found in a building – a building that had tragically burned two weeks before.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 13/06/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

At the time of the fire, everyone had been evacuated. As the damage was extensive, no inhabitants returned to their homes in the following weeks. Luckily, everyone had gotten out safely, or so they thought.

Indeed, if anyone had been left in the building as it burned, they would’ve surely died. That’s why Otoz Warsaw was so surprised when they received a call about a cat that had supposedly survived.

An unbelievable call

The cat’s owner had been transported to the hospital due to injuries sustained during the fire, so no-one had been caring for the cat for two whole weeks!

A neighbour had reportedly told the municipality that a cat had been omitted in the rescue mission, yet, when the fire brigade went to check out the apartment, they didn’t find a thing.

But now the matter was in OTOZ’s hands. Animal rescuers convinced the police and fire department to take a second look at the ravaged apartment. And this time, the lucky kitty did not pass up an opportunity to get the heck out of dodge! She herself ran to the fire department’s ladder and descended the steps all the way to the ground on her own!


This whole time, she had found the safest place to hide – the micro-wave!

Rising from the ashes

Despite the horrors she had been through, the cat was not in such terrible shape. Veterinarians determined she had a fever and was emaciated, but apart from that, she was healthy as a horse. Rescuers guessed she must have survived eating burned food and water that had been used to put the fire out.


The cat will stay in a foster home until her owner is well again and able to take her back.

Tragedies affect the animals too! Thank goodness these rescuers didn’t forget that.