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Stray kitten sees little girl visiting shelter, and has an incredible reaction

Little girl is chosen by kitten at the shelter cat-happy
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It certainly wasn’t the plan to adopt a kitty when this little girl went along with her family to help look after the cats at the shelter. However, this is exactly what happened when she was chosen by a kitten.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 13/06/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

The abandoned ginger kitten was discovered on a farm in Tasmania, Australia, when she was just a couple of weeks old. She was taken in by Just Cats Tasmania and given to temporary foster parents who could care for her during her early weeks.

Kitten is fostered alongside her siblings

The stray kitten, who was named “Butterscotch” was placed in her new foster home with her 2 brothers, who were found just a few days later in the same location. It was clear that the ginger kitten adored being near humans, and just loved any shows of affection. The kitten loved nothing better than nestling into her foster carer’s arms and being petted almost constantly.



Posted by Just Cats Tasmania on Monday, June 10, 2019

Its time to find the kitten a permanent home

After around 8 weeks, Butterscotch was returned to the pet shelter, where it was hoped someone would come forward to adopt her. Luck was certainly on her side the day that a small girl named Shelby visited the shelter with her parents, to volunteer.

As soon as the tiny kitten spotted the little girl, she reached out her paw towards her face as if she was asking for a hug. It was obvious that the little girl had been chosen by the kitten. There was a definite connection between the two.

The little girl is quite smitten with the cute kitty

When it was time to leave the shelter, Shelby was quite upset and began to miss her new feline friend. She didn’t sleep too well that night and was constantly chattering and thinking about the cute kitten. Her parents knew that they needed to do something about the situation and returned to the animal shelter the very next day, where they met Butterscotch themselves.


How gorgeous is Butterscotch - loving her cuddles from Shelby today

Posted by Just Cats Tasmania on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Butterscotch moves into her forever home

Of course, once the parents met the cute kitty, who loved to give everyone cuddles, they immediately fell in love with the cat too. They decided on the spot to adopt Butterscotch, and took her back with them to her new home. The kitten who chose the little girl is happier than ever before and loves to give everyone she meets an affectionate hug.

Did the family pick out their new pet addition, or was the little girl actually chosen by the kitten? All we know is that Butterscotch is living her life to the fullest, adoring every moment that she spends with Shelby.