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Police dog is overjoyed to get special treat

K9 police dog lies on rug with nearby toy dog-happy
© Fishers PD - Facebook

In Fishers, Indiana, a K9 patrol had reached the end of their shift. It had been a long, hard day of crime prevention and community involvement and both dog and handler were in need of refreshment. It's not often that police dogs are seen enjoying the finer things in life, but this K9 certainly did!

By Nick Whittle , 11 Jun 2019

The pair parked in front of Handel's Ice Cream & Yogurt shop in town.

On seeing the patrol car arrive the store owner began to prepare a favourite treat for the canine: a vanilla ice cream cone. Once out of the van the dog could not contain its excitement and ran up to the offering, devouring it almost in one go. As for the officer, he too enjoyed some cooling ice cream.


Our K9’s need ice cream too!! ? ... special thanks to our local Handel's Ice Cream & Yogurt Carmel and Fishers for the love and support! #policek9 #policeofficer #icecream #hotdays #k9unit #k9training #icecream #workingdogs #malinois #cooldown #love #specialtreat #cops #notadonutshop #k9partner #yesplease #reward #belgianmalinois #community #fishersindiana

Posted by Fishers Police Department on Monday, June 3, 2019

Police dog K-9s

A police dog known sometimes as a K-9 is one that is trained to assist police in their service. Police dogs have numerous roles within British and American law enforcement including drug detection, the location of missing people and apprehension of suspects.

The most commonly used breeds of dog in the service are German Shepherds, Malinois, Spaniels and Retrievers. The Malinois is a popular choice of dog to accompany soldiers on active duty.

Until two days ago in the UK (8/6/19) a person who caused injury to a police dog would only be charged with an offence against the property of the Crown. A recent change to the law (nicknamed Finn’s Law) makes it harder for a criminal to give reason for their harming a police dog.

The motivation for the change in the law came after PC Wardell’s dog Finn saved the officer’s life in a brutal knife attack. The dog was almost killed in the process.