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Bopper the Whopper finds his forever home

Bopper sits with handler on lawn dog-happy
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He arrived at Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home in Plymouth weighing in at eight stones. The home later revealed that Bopper was ‘too chubby to fit in his kennel,’ according to The Daily Star. He was soon dubbed Britain’s fattest dog,  but now, Bopper the Whopper has at last been re-homed.

By Nick Whittle , 11 Jun 2019

Working hard on a new dietary regimen and exercising the dog regularly, the shelter’s staff managed to reduce his weight to five stones. A Border Collie such as Bopper should ideally weigh between three and four stones.

The Daily Star reported this month that Bopper has finally been re-homed. Local couple Mike and Jan who had already taken five dogs from the shelter were persuaded to take Bopper on.

He is a very friendly dog - he is very outgoing and gets on so well with the girls,’ Bopper's new owner Mike said.

We're delighted with him.’

Shelter gains reputation

The shelter was pleased to announce Bopper’s re-homing. A statement from the shelter read: ‘He has settled in very well and is enjoying plenty of short walks on the moors to help him shed the last of his weight and everyone is thrilled for him.’

Having worked hard to bring the canine’s weight down, staff at Gables Farm have earned somewhat of a reputation for their efforts to get dogs and cats into shape.

Previously, the shelter made a name for itself by helping a dog known as ‘Hattie the Fattie’ to slim down, although she was a stone and a half lighter than Bopper.

It looks as though the shelter has its work cut out for the next arrival though: canine recruit Georgie Porgie weighs 11 stone.


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Over-feeding our dogs is very hard to avoid. Some dogs are exceptionally good at putting on a yearning expression, but to reward this canine trick is to make your dog poorly and susceptible to diabetes and other nasty illnesses.

The heaviest (although not the ‘fattest’) dog ever to have lived is, according to Guinness World Records an English Mastiff called Zorba. He rolled in at a staggering 24.5 stone.