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Call for information after shocking attack

The Scottish SPCA is calling for information cat-angry
© Liusadh Baldie - Facebook

A distraught pet owner was forced to shave her cat's fur after he came home covered in blue paint. It is thought a local group of thugs is behind the disrespecful and senseless attack.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 11/06/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:46

Liusadh Baldie, from Inverness, Scotland, was woken up by her 10-year-old son last Sunday morning. He said that their pet cat, Yoda, was covered in blue paint.

A deliberate attack

Liusadh went to investigate, and it was pretty clear that this was a deliberate act. Speaking to the Scottish Sun, she said: 

“I immediately tried to wash him and removed some of the paint, but there was so much on him. He was covered in blue paint up to his whiskers and has been terrified since. He was shaking when I collected him from outside.”

Liusadh couldn't remove all the paint and was forced to shave off large chunks of Yoda's fur.


To all those that have been concerned about my cat Yoda, I thought I'd let u all know that he is doing well after being...

Posted by Liusadh Baldie on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Yoda suffered no additional injuries and is now recovering at home.

Determined to find the perpetrators, Liusadh posted the story on Facebook. A few days later she was contacted by someone who'd seen another local cat covered in blue paint.

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for information about either incident. A spokesman said:

“It is highly unlikely it is a coincidence that both these cats were covered in the same paint in the same city on the same day, so we are keen to speak to anyone who can shed any light on this."

When asked about the thugs who carried out the attack, Yoda's cat mum didn't hold back:

“My poor cat hasn't been the same since the event. He’s usually friendly to the point of annoyance, but he’s been hiding and still shaking."

"To the people involved in the incident - I would like to say to them that they’ve completely ruined a happy animal, and for what?”

Let's help put a stop to these attacks

Anyone with information should call the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999.  In the meantime, let's keep our paws crossed and hope that somebody catches whoever's behind the attacks before they hurt anymore cats like Yoda.